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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 14, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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a deal on tax reform. white house says republicans in house and senate have reached an agreement on sweeping tax package. this morning gets details about what is actually in it. rod rosenstein reported bob mueller as special counsel grilled by republicans in a batch of text messages from two fbi officials who worked on mueller's team. words of encouragement from joe biden. weighs in on john mccain's battle with cancer. a touching moment with the senator's daughter.
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late yesterday president trump was out playing salesman to the american people trying to drum up support for the plan. peter aaron hicks has more on the potentially major changes coming to your taxes. take a look. >> reporter: president trump just in time for the holidays promising to put more money in your pockets. >> we want to give you a giant tax cut for christmas. when i say giant, i mean giant. >> what do they agree on. individual takes rate will drop from 39 to 37. what had been a strategicing
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capped at $10,000. mortgage interest deductions protected, but overturned. crucial component of obama. ending the penalty for not having health insurance and potentially jeopardizing already fragile marketplaces. that repeal, john partisan budget scorekeeper warned leave 13 million people uninsured for the next decades. >> this is only a small beginning to the incredible things that our people will achieve over a very sport period of time. >> for republicans, banking on promoting tax cuts is a signature achievement ahead of next year's midterms. democrats calling on mitch mcconnell to hit pause on the tax bill until the new senator is seated. >> delay until doug jones gets here and can cast a vote. plain and simple.
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>> >> critics argue the bill disproportionately benefits the wealthy. outgoing fed chair cast doubt on the rosy prediction. >> it would be challenging to achieve numbers like that. >> thanks to peter aaron hicks for that reporter. president trump says he is not responsible for roy moore's loss in alabama. "washington post" reporting trump spread the blame to former chief strategist steve bannon and mitch mcconnell. siting senior white house officials and advisers the post reports trump blames bannon for urging him to support moore and mitch mcconnell for being aggressive in trying to push moore out. also reports trump is eager not to let the loss be seen as a referendum on him and said he would have one alabama again according to senior administration official. mean while called doug jones to congratulate him on his historic win. jones told reporters the call was gracious. >> it was a very gashs call.
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i very much appreciated it. he congratulated me on the race that we won. congratulate med and my staff in the manner we handled the campaign and we talked about finding the common ground. invited me over to white house to visit as soon as i get up there. >> joining us from washington, capitol hill reporter for the hill. molly, i love we have you this morning. you love to run with this stuff. give me your big take aways for the alabama election for the democrats. >> for the democrats, the democrats are so excited: they're on cloud nine. you know, sort of feeling like finally we have a win. even despite the circumstances, it is what it is. i think they're really excited that this is talking to several democratic lawmakers. members of the house. who were saying, you know, thnk
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is a good sign for us. show how energized women, millennials, african-american were in getting this turnout. that's going to be key for them going into the 2018 elections. you also look at couple that with the fact there's so many people retiring, so many senior lawmakers who are retiring from the house and the senate. and they're looking at -- they're feeling like it might be a wave. >> let's switch gears and talk about the implications of this on policy. doug jones winning on alabama. now hearing democrats arguing the tax bill, the vote on the tax bill should be delayed until jones is actually seated. do they have any chance of succeeding with this argument because the reality is republicans still control the senate with 51 seats so what difference is it going to make if he's seated or not. >> mitch mcconnell made a similar argument as well. >> that's true. do you remember we had that open supreme court seat for a year.
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yeah. i don't think the republicans are going to hold off on this one, folks. the truth is if they have the 51 votes, they're going move the bill and get it to the president's desk. this is a key item the president needs to show he's been successful with at least one major legislative initiative that you discussed during the campaign. in addition to which, if they put it off, it's a difference between one vote and essentially nine votes because really one vote in the grand skacheme of things when it comes to the senate meaning very little. you still need 60 votes. arizona senator john mccain has been readmitted to walter reid national military center. office says due to normal side affects for brain cancer. the senator looks forward to returning to work as soon as
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possible. mccain has missed senate voting this week and has been undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer he was diagnosed with back in july. meanwhile, joe biden was on the view yesterday and talked about his friend john with the senator's daughter, megan mccain. >> your son, beau, had the same cancer my father was diagnosed with six months ago. >> there's a lot of hope. >> i think about beau almost every day and i was told -- sorry. that this doesn't get easier, but you cultivate the tools to work with this and live with this. i know you and your family have been through a tragedy i couldn't conceive of. what would you tell people. it's not about me. >> it is about everyone, but look. one of the things that gave beau courage, my word.
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was john, your dad, you may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my boy. your dad would work with me became friends with beau and beau talked about your dad's courage. not about ill nness, but about s courage. there is hope. if anybody can make it -- her dad is one of my best friends. >> just an incredibly real and touching and civil moment you don't always see. after that mccain tweeted thank you joe biden and the entire biden family for serving as an example and source of strength for my own family. that's what we need in politics today. >> you can tell the relationship between those families are so incredibly general and emotional to watch that. >> and the respect they have and the way they talk to each other. they have political differences, but personal relationships is what's missing. >> he wasn't able to joke about the political differences that
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exist. house republicans railed against bob mueller's interference yesterday. in the wake of the justice department releasing text messages between 2016 and two romantically involved fbi officials in which agent peter worked on both the hillary clinton and trump investigations called president trump, quote, idiot and shared proclinton views. mueller removed from post when he learned of the messages last summer. that did not satisfy how republican who is question the veracity mueller probe supervisor deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. rosenstein held his ground. >> this is not just political opinions. this is disgusting bias and there's no way that cannot affect a person's work. >> how can you with a straight face say this group of democrat partisans are unbiassed.
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>> these text are evidence. not evidence of appearance of inpropriety. evidence of a actual bias of actual prejudice of actual hatred for the subject of the special counsel's investigation. >> what do you have to see in terms of action with people with demonstrated bias against the president of the united states before you will appoint a special counsel to investigate the clear bias that has infected this investigation. >> this is unbelievable. i think the public trust is gone. >> have you seen good cause to fire special counsel mueller. >> no. >> if you were ordered today to fire mr. mueller wharks would do you. >> i've explained previously. i would follow the regulation. if there were good cause, i would act. if there were no good cause, i would not. >> you've seen no good cause so far. >> has president trump ever
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communicated with you about removing robert mueller from role as special counsel sgll i'm not going to be discussing my communications with the president, but i can tell you that nobody has communicated to me a desire to remove robert mueller. >> joining us, cia station chief who spent five years in moscow. dan hoffman. glad to have you here. the preliminary indications are he's addressed it. he's been asked about it and denied any metaling in our election. he does that just to add a measure of conspiracy. he's a k gordon beckham guy. he wants to deny everything. make counter accusations and by doing so make us she we've actually witnessed more russian
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soiling of democratic process than otherwise. >> do russians know this? >> i think it does. >> i think it elevates his status among his own people. demonstrating he's used asymmetric tools to play on a level playing field with united states and to show he interfered with our election, makes russians believe he's actually pretty powerful. >> looking ahead to yasmin's point about the elections in russia. are those going to be anything more than just a sham election. or possibility some of these candidates are going to be genuine. >> no, the kremlin vets all those candidates and has a pretty iron control over who gets to run and who doesn't. there are no serious candidates. it's pretty much a rubber stamp
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for vladimir putin. >> what happens if your run without the blessing of vladimir putin. >> you don't run. you might wind up in siberian prison. >> i just want to put that out there. >> we're going to talk to you again at the top of the hour. still ahead. another a list actress adds her name to the long list of harvey weinstein accusers. those stories and a check on weather when we come back.
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actress salma highcheck is add r h adding her name to the harvey wine stein accusers. forcing her to do a gratuitous
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sex scene and threatening to kill her while working for the film. spokesperson has released a statement refuting the claims. saying all accusations are inaccurate. did admit to borish behavior. rustle summons is accused of rape by three women. stepped down last month following accusations by two different women. summons denied allegations saying he never committed any acts of aggression or violence in his life. responding to most recent charges, simmons released a statement to the "new york times" writing i vehemently deny all these allegations. these horrific allegations have shocked me to my core and all of my relations have been consensual. >> if you have an opportunity to
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read this from salma hayek, it's incredibly powerful. you can never judge what is happening in someone's life. don trump junior spent nine hours in a closed door meeting with senate intel yesterday. this was his third interview on capitol hill related to the russia investigation last week. he spoke with a house intel committee and met with senate judiciary committee back in september. when asked by reporters last night whether he would be back or done with this testimony, trump junior replied, you never know. mean while, republican senator and member of the senate intel committee tweeted, quote, senate intel committee is continuing to follow the fact wherever they lead in bipartisan manner. this is not important for the president. important for the president's seat. russians wills try to interfere in the election again. we must be ready. get a check on the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins skpch karins. there's a nice dusting of snow on the ground this morning.
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>> nice if grow don't have to walk in it or drive in it or shovel it. who has got tennessee snten the overnight. winter weather for cleveland up to erie. snow is moving out and transferring energy. still snowing pretty decently in areas of central pennsylvania. coverage of the blue all of a sudden starting to dissipate a little bit. storm is weakening as a new storm takes over just south of southern lirr. heavier snow earlier this morning. heading out in the cape cod area. additional snowfall totals. not much. maybe one inch. maybe half an inch, one inch in northern jersey. southern extreme portions of new england could get more. here's the timing. 7:00 a.m. this morning. little bit of light snow over the hudson valley. watch how quickly we get rid of this. 15 a.m. to noon. it is gone. sun back out this afternoon. roads are worse this morning and a little slick. this afternoon it will all be
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wet and gone. treated roads are okay this morning. secondary roads and bridges have to watch out for. right now the windchill not bad with the snow, but behind this, brutal once again. green bay at minus six. chicago at six. detroit at nine. buffalo at six. a lot very cold morning in the great lakes. rest of tv country looking and going sorry. the southeast is like 60s and 70s. mid 40s in montana this time of year. is very warm too. >> i like how bill said unless you're walking in it, shoveling it, driving. basically just sitting at home today and not going out, you be are the only person who will be appreciating the snow. >> i liked walking out the door and seeing a dusting this morning. appreciated it. >> no one else did, obviously. still ahead. new top flight record in the books for man city. while the fire shows no sign of slowing down. sports is next. ♪
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victory. hitting two free throws to extend the win to five. he was glad the circus is over with. meanwhile across the pond in plan chester ci manchester city. manchester city has set a new top flight record notching 15 con sec tiff wins. at the defeating city. 4-0 last night. david led the way with goals coming in the 27th and 52nd minutes. and kevin and sergio also contributing to the 4-0 shutout. currently tops premier league with 16 wins. yet to lose a game. more on that when roger bennett joins the conversation later on on morning joe. go to baseball real quick. miami marlins continue purge. giancarlo stanton, dee gordon and now marcel ozuna. reportedly heading to st. louis
2:25 am
cardinals. so far unclear what the marlins will receive in return. righty pitching prospect will be part of that deal, but ozuna's agent joined the course of criticism of the miami front office calling the organization a, quote, pawnshop. >> i got to admit, one thing. really excited about man city, the fact they are now on this running record. >> unbelievable season. >> i like the fact we're actually doing a little premier league in the sports, louis. i think we should do more. >> we have to explain to her what man city is. >> excuse me. >> excuse me, you know. >> i know what it is. still ahead, fcc set to vote on proposal to repeal net neutrality rules. how that decision could impact internet service. republicaning reached a deal on tax reform. warning about speeding ahead with a vote. those stories and more coming up next. [ mouse clicks, keyboard clacking ]
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and lewis burgdorf. bottoms of the hour. let's start with the top story. special investigation into russia's interference in the election says he has full confidence in boll mueller. that was the case of rod rosenstein made before lawmakers orthopedic surge on capitol hill yesterday. >> new grilling on the team along with the claim e-mail investigation raised questions over the investigation's
2:30 am
imparthallty. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign was building steam last spring, fbi lawyer sent a text message to one of the top agents working on the russia investigation. lawyer lisa page wrote god, trump is lonesome human. maybe you're meant to stay where you are because you're meant to protect the country from that menace. frequently called mr. trump an idiot. when he won the primary and appeared trump won the election. omg. this is terrifying. until july part of mueller's investigation. dismissed from the team when he found out about the texts. rod rosenstein the attorney general who oversees the team was hammered by house republicans. texts show that mueller's investigation of the campaign is biassed. >> in is not just political b n
2:31 am
opinions. this is disgusting unaccountable bias and there's no way that could not affect a person's work. >> i'm here to tell you, mr. rosenstein, the public trust in this whole thing is gone. >> rosenstein says he and mueller are determined to make sure that despite anyone's personal views, the investigation is inpartial. >> we will ensure there is no bias taken within the jurisdiction of the department of justice. thanks to pete wpgs filliam the report. forensics are ongoing. there's a dashboard hamilton 68 named after the paper, aaron hicks hamilton federalist paper focused on election metaling and
2:32 am
protecting the process which focuses on twitter feeds and has determined that russia was indeed -- sites connected with russia were interfering in the alabama election. the extent to which russia also interfered through facebook and google and other social media sites, forensics are probably ongoing. we know the russians were focused on this. >> from what you've seen from what russia has done in 2016 and what our defensive capabilities are state by state or district by district. how prepared are we for 2018. this is going to be a monumental election for many reasons. just given what's at stake. >> it sure is. it's a great point. we need a multiteared defense. we need technology at the election sites to protect them and harden them from outside intrusion. we need citizens to have a higher level of awareness for what is real and what is not. and we also nearly forensics.
2:33 am
we need to fight and combat russian intrusions. not with sensorship, but free speech. shows those interested in those finding out what they are doing is the best way to deal with it. >> do you need identification that the problem this is actually happening from the administration level all the way down to public. >> they have been reluctant. >> you need that as well. you need strategic streic intel for the community. without revealing sources and methods, the administration, whether it's the director of cia or dni might make a steemt to american people and advise us what russian plans are. >> needless to say this year is going to be perhaps worse than 2016 in terms of russia trying to interfere in the election. >> russia vladimir putin has found this to be ian effective
2:34 am
way to interfere with electoral process and democratic system at large. there's no reason to think he would stop. if anything, he'll want to increase the level of sophistication. >> this is new level of warfare ahead. basically what we're facing. >> yes. i think it's only going to grow in intensity in the future. >> good to have you on today. republicans working to hammer out details of final tax bill have reached a critical step as they race to get legislation to president trump's desk before the end of year. congressional sources tell nbc news that house and senate members working to merge competing plans yesterday reached an fwreeagreement in principle to massive overhaul to tax code. two sources familiar with the outline of the deal say details of the plan include cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21. meanwhile the tax rate ifs r the wealthiest americans would be cut from 39% to 37%. now the deduction for state and
2:35 am
local taxes would be capped at $10,000 and taxpayers would be able to choose to deduct their property or their income taxes. the standard deduction would be doubled under the deal to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for families. >> so the plan would also end the obama individual mandate which requires americans to buy insurance or pay a fine. busy negotiating terms of the plan, in front of the camera pitching a gift for the holidays. take a listen. >> we want to give you the american people a giant tax cut for christmas. when i say giant, i mean giant. the typical family of four earning $75,000 will see an income tax cut of more than $2,000 slashing their tax bill in half. it's going to be a lot of money. you're going to have an extra
2:36 am
$2,000, but there are many more things than that. >> congressional sources say the hope is once the details of the tax bill are finalized. republicans have a vote in the senate followed by one in the house wrapping it all up by next wednesday. in the wake of doug jones's victory in the alabama senate election, senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling on republicans to hit the pause button on bill until jones is seated. >> it would be wrong for senate republicans to jam through this tax bill without giving the newly elected senator from alabama the opportunity to cast his vote. our hope is that mitch mcconnell will do the right thing. our hope is that mitch mcconnell will hear what the voters in the suburbs of alabama said. help us. it's our hope that mitch mcconnell will realize proceeding with this tax bill will be a dramatic, dramatic death nail for the republican
2:37 am
party in 2018. >> the white house is down one former reality television star this morning. white house saying omarosa resigned her job as director of communications for the office of public liaison to pursue other opportunities, but a senior administration official confirms to nbc news omarosa was forced out. white house chief of staff john kelly was the one who made the decision. >> she even said to general kelly, does the president know. he said yes, he signed off on it. she said i want a call donald. and he said this is not like going to the principal's office. it's done. she decides from my sources to go to the white house to the residence. go to the residence of the white house where again, she does not have walk in privileges anymore. general kelly was called. and she continued to try to go in from what i'm hearing. and general kelly was called and came over and he told the secret service to get her out of here. >> so nbc news confirms with a
2:38 am
source close to the white house omarosa was escorted off white house grounds after trying to reentering the residence to debate the terms of departure. physically dragged off campus. the u.s. secret service calls that reporting incorrect, but the agency does say it deactivated her pass into the white house even though her official last day is not until january 20. the president tweeted thanking her for service. one white house official tells nbc news that the president was more fond of the former apprentice contestant that people might raelealize. >> kind of like a reality. >> i'm surprised the president didn't do hashtag, you're fired. playing off the apprentice. i'll take it. democrats praising minnesota's governor for choice to fill the soon to be vacated seat of senator al franken. tina smith has been tapped to replace franken who announced
2:39 am
resignation last week. minnesota's largest newspaper notes smith has earned the nickname velvet hammer for mix of personal warmth and toughness. sworn in as soon as franken steps down. franken responded saying smith would make an excellent united states senator. called smith the right person at the right time. deputy chairman of the nationalky had been considering a 2018 run, but now says he will support smith in next year's special election. back from washington, capitol hill reporter for the hill, molly hooper. thanks for sticking around. are we beginning to see a surge of female, particularly leadership, in political roles in the wake of what has happened with senator al franken and a few others and is it on both sides of the aisle or mostly on the democratic side. >> i'm actually surprised donald trump hasn't done hashtag you're fired to people like al franken and john conyers.
2:40 am
and all these folks who seem to be dropping like flies in the house and senate. and who knows, there may be more to come. i think actually i've heard from members of congress and there's talk there are a number more. there are a number of democrats and republicans who are currently shaking in their boots, so to speak, because of revelations of sexual harassment. >> any names you can share. >> well, i have some suspicions, but i won't -- i'm not going to put them out there. i'll be responsible. let's just say that there are people who are looking at what they can do to probably either stave off any potential revelations or who knows. this has been going on a long time. that said, we are seeing women asserting themselves and more so it seems on the senate side. you look at somebody like kristen grill brand.
2:41 am
pamela harris. individuals stepped up in light and wake of what has gone on. how much leverage now do the democratic haves in budget talks and what are they using it for? >> the interesting thing the house appropriations chairman put out the so-called continuing resolution last night. that would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. through next year. what it includes is funding the defense department. you know, getting rid of the sequestration levels, essentially allowing defense funding to go beyond that. what it also does is it extends the chip funding and for other departments, nonnational
2:42 am
security departments, extends the funds through january 19. so the democrats and republicans keep in mind at least 34 of them have written a letter to your own leaders pushing for a daca fix before the march datelieadl they have time to work with. a government shutdown could happen if, if they don't get a deal by january 19. however, the republicans, democrats too at this point, they want to get through the holidays. and come back. and then you will probably have another democrat obviously in the senate, and, you know, on this issue, on the funding measure, you need 60 votes. so that's why we'll see what happens. i don't think daca is dead yet. >> see how it plays out. u.s. markets hit another high on the fed's decision to hike interest rates. fcc plans to repeal rules that could reshape the internet as we know it.
2:43 am
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let's turn to business where the markets here in the u.s. closed at yet another record high after the federal reserve hiked interest rates for the third time this year. cnbc joins us live from london. what was the central banks logic behind that move. >> clearly they felt confident in the u.s. economy to raise that benchmark rate. also raised growth forecast for next year. so that is a significant jump. the jobs market will remain strong. also boosted slight inflation in u.s. this was janet yellen's last meeting as chair. some of those announcements coming out of house and senate reaching a deal on tax overhaul. another big meeting in d.c. today is the fcc. going to be looking at proposal about rolling back some of the
2:47 am
internet rules introduced under obama administration in 2015. allow companies including his former employee, verizon, comcast to control internet speed and content. analysts say the vote will be crucial and prompt some lawsuits from consumer advocacy groups. >> target also looks to be taking on amazon with a $550 million deal to start up grocery shipt. focusing say the delivery available in new york. rolling that out across 1400 stores nationwide. looking to compete with best buy, amazon and big giant in that sector and also walmart. look at the forecast for where you are today. i feel sorry for the delivery
2:48 am
drivers. i hope they are wrapped up warm. >> it is cold. we had a story in sports today about english premier league football. what club do you support? you look like a chelsea fan to me? >> i'm a west london boy. i take that in good stride. i'm a fan of brent. much less known west london team. >> very loyal to his team. i like that. >> live from london. thanks so much. check on weather now with nbc meteorologist. >> you still don't know that other team. >> stop it, bill. take it away. >> she doesn't know any teams. if she can name one player on the brentwood team. >> it's not brentwood. >> that's los angeles. >> stick to weather. >> that's where angelina jolie lives. across the pennsylvania and also new york now watching a lot of school delays in here because of the snow that fell overnight.
2:49 am
about 1-2 inches at most. light and fluffy snow. little heavier snow in northeast portions of ohio. watch that winter storm warning. not heavy. cold enough to stick everywhere accept the treated roads. roads and major roads that are salted are wet. everything is slick. new york city had a brief snow. now it stopped. a little bit coming back in. looks like we're almost done here in areas of western pa. lake effect enhancement coming in. as far as the windchills go. it is frigid behind the storm system. green bay, as low as you have been all winter. minus 6. indianapolis at 16. little warmer in the days ahead. today is definitely the coldest air. much of the rest of the country is fine. we're the ones stuck in it here in the northeast. everyone else doesn't feel like the middle of winter. >> just going back to that point really quickly. let me tell you some of the names. >> per google.
2:50 am
>> i don't know any of the players on nfl teams. doesn't mean i don't know the nfl team exists. whole different issue. moving on. prime minster theresa may suffering setback teresa may suffers her first setback to exit the eu. >> we will talk about the loss of a key vote means for may's push to wrap up brexit. we'll be right back. more people shop online for the holidays than ever before. (clapping) and the united states postal service delivers more of those purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. ( ♪ ) because we know, even the smallest things are sometimes the biggest.
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we find ourselves directly in the middle here with the palestinians. this is their way of showing they will accept the israeli claim to jerusalem. . >> welcome back, everyone, in a major blow to prime minister
2:53 am
teresa may, members of parliament have voted for a final brexit deal struck with eu negotiators. joining us live from london, lucie cavanov, by any measure of the word, this is a setback and a defeat for the government of teresa may on the issue of brexit. why is it such a big deal? >> reporter: well, it's a big deal, it weakens teresa may and effectively gives parliament the power to shape the final deal. this is worrying to the british prime minister. because it could mean more concessions. this was an unexpected and humiliating deal. because ter res is may saw rebel members of her own party join forces with opposition parties to require that any final deal to withdraw from the european union be submitted to parliament and legislation before it could be put into effect. this is being soon by those with a victory for a so-called soft brexit to hope they can shift policy towards a closer
2:54 am
relationship with the european union. teresa may is expected to attend a working dinner in brussels, pushing them to move on to phase 2 of brexit talk to talk about future trade relation, which she sees is critical. of course, she is going to this dinner on the heels of this flow from parliament. it will make it much more difficult for her to have flexibility in these situations. >> i feel these brexit situations is getting worse and worse.cavanov, thank you for breaking that down leaders appeal to have a deal if place to bring it up in congress t. latest whether lawmakers can get a deal if place before the year is up. lawmakers step up the integrity of bob mueller and what rod rosenstein's probe may mean for the defense team going
2:55 am
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everybody. >> we start at the white house, we will look at what's on tap. nbc news' kristen welker has more on that. >> reporter: hi, louis, good morning to you. president trump will continue his final push for tax reform today. it comes a day after republicans struck a deal. so what's in the deal? well, they will slash the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35%. they are also going to cut the individual tax rate and they're going to give more deductions for state and local taxes. perhaps the most controversial part of the legislation, though, it will relegal the obamacare individual mandate. >> that is projected to kick some 13 million people off of their health care. it could alien fate some moderate republicans. in fact, there were protesters outside of the capital. still there is incredible momentum and urgency to try to get something done, particularly after that stunning loss if alabama. back to you, louis. >> thanks to kristen welker for that report. >> meanwhile, the man accused of
2:59 am
driving a car through crowd of protesters is set to appear in court today. james alex fields,ier junior, along with three others will attend political fare hearings back in august. fields is facing charges related to the death of one woman and injuries to 19 others. >> as we have been telling you. if federal communications is set to vote on changes on how americans use the internet. they are expected to eliminate the change plan to fight back for the courts or congress. that does it for us on this thursday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. [ music playing ] good morning. it is thursday, december 14th. welcome to "morning joe". with us on set, we have veteran columnist and msnbc contributor mike barnacle. republican strategist susan dell persio and columnist at the
3:00 am
washington "examiner" kristen solstice. good to have you all on board. we have a lot to get to it's fought friday yet. does anyone feel like that? it feels like friday. i have that beat-up friday feeling, but it's only thursday. what the heck. along with willie, joe and me, we will get to the news and try to break -- so much happening. what happens when someone gets dragged out of the white house. what does that look like, susan? >> it looks pretty ugly. >> like dragged? >> when have you to be es scarleted by the secret service after demonstrating some very aggressive behavior, it can't be pretty. >> talking about omarosa. >> they say she ran to the president's family quarters. >> i think she wanted a final hearing with the president, himself, because she felt he would be more sympathetic. >> sort of like on the


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